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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The SCC is open to all residents of:
    • Renfrew County
    • Lanark County
    • Hastings County
    • Prince Edward County
    • City of Quinte West
    • City of Belleville

  • You are welcome to record your AT trips all year round, however only the June trips will be considered in establishing the winning municipality in the Silver Chain Challenge.

  • In the orange block at right, click on LOG IN. Enter a unique username and your email address. Add your Date of Birth. Select the Municipality in which you live, then complete the CAPTCHA field. Click on the Create New Account button.

    Now go and check your email. You will receive an email with instructions on how to validate your account. Be sure to check your spam or junk folder in case it gets delivered there.

  • The Silver Chain Challenge is a friendly competition between Renfrew County and Lanark County to inspire and promote more active and healthier communities.

    Silver Chain partners, and our growing list of partners from across Eastern Ontario, are inviting residents and visitors of all participating municipalities to compete for the most number of kilometres biked, walked, run and wheeled over the month of June. So dust off your bikes and lace up your shoes to participate in any and all forms of active transportation!

    2018 marks more than 5 years that the Challenge has been issued. Our health and community partners are joining the municipalities to promote and challenge residents and visitors of all participating municipalities to be more active, healthy, engaged and safe.

    From June 1 through 30, participating municipal residents can log their kilometres — whether walking or biking.

    The benefits are huge: improved mental and physical health, safer roads, improved social connections, vibrant and healthier communities, stronger local economy, and engaged and active community.

    A hearty challenge to all outdoor and active transportation enthusiasts: clock your kilometres and join us to inspire healthier, stronger and safer communities!

  • 1 point for each kilometer

    25% bonus for an AT trip.
    25% bonus for age 1 - 16 or 65 +
    25% bonus for wearing a helmet.

    For example, if a 67 year old person rode 10K to work instead of taking a car or bus and wore a helmet the total points for that trip would be: 10 + 2.5 + 2.5 + 2.5 = 17.5

    To create the bar graph, our system adds up all the points for the county and then divides by the population of the county [and then multiplies by 100 to eliminate pesky decimal points].

    Sound fair?

  • 1. If you don't have speedometer or pedometer, we trust you to estimate the distance you have traveled.
    2. Use an online Speed Distance Time Calculator.
    3. Trace your route on Google Maps to calculate the distance.

  • In the orange box at right, click on REQUEST NEW PASSWORD.

    Enter your email address. A time sensitive email will be sent to you that for security reasons, will be active for 24 hours only.

    Check you email, spam and junk mailboxes for an email entitled: REPLACEMENT LOGIN INFORMATION.

    Click on the hyperlink therein and follow the instructions.

  • The easiest was it to register your group, tally the km offline, and enter one total per trip or day on the Silver Chain Challenge website.

    However, it gets more complicated if you have people of mixed ages in your group, as extra points are assigned for participants 16 years of age and younger, and those over 65 years.

    The best option is to register on behalf of each age group entering a relevant Date of Birth.

    For example, a family would create an account to tally km for the children, plus a second for parents and young adults over 16 years of age. If grandparents are also participating, create a third account to log their km.

    Remember, you will require a unique email for each account.

  • Most likely the issue is that your first son has not logged out of the system. Before #2 son tries to sign up or in, make sure #1 son clicks the LOG OUT button at either upper right, or bottom orange bar in right column.

  • 1250 steps equals 1 km.


Participate as an individual, family, school class or group.